All AGILE Data up to the end of Cycle-9 are now publicly available

In 2015 the AGILE Mission Board suggested a change in the AGILE gamma-ray scientific data policy.
The standard one-year proprietary period requirement was eliminated, and starting from October 2015 all AGILE-GRID data are published as soon as they are processed and validated.

The new public AGILE archive now contains all data from the start of Cycle-1 on December 1, 2007 Observation Block (OB) 4900, up to the end of Cycle-9 on November 30, 2016, OB 25100.
Data are available from the ASDC Multimission Archive (MMIA) webpage for the AGILE Mission..

The query to the archive give access to all AGILE public data through an interactive webpage including the ASDC “Interactive Analysis” tool. The tool allows web users to preview the AGILE data fields, and to perform a preliminary analysis around a chosen sky position.

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