New AGILE Public Data now available up to May 31, 2018

We announce the publication of new AGILE gamma-ray data. The public AGILE archive now contains all data from December 1, 2007 to May 31, 2018, i.e. from the start of Cycle-1 up to the on-going Cycle-11. AGILE-GRID event files (EVT) and spacecraft auxiliary (LOG) files are available from the SSDC Multimission Archive (MMIA) webpage for the AGILE Mission.

We recall that, starting from October 2015 the standard one-year proprietary period was eliminated, and all AGILE-GRID data are now published as soon as they are processed and validated. The new public AGILE Cycle-11 data were obtained with AGILE observing a large portion of the sky in spinning mode, and they have been processed with the latest public software and calibrations.

For an easy on-line AGILE data analysis, we recall that the interested user may also query the entire public AGILE level 3 (LV3) archive through the AGILE-LV3 data analysis tool.

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