The new AGILE-GRID Catalog: 2AGL

We are pleased to announce that “The Second AGILE Catalog of Gamma-Ray Sources” (A. Bulgarelli et al., 2019), arXiv:1903.06957, has been accepted for publication in Astronomy & Astrophysics. The new 2AGL incorporates several analysis improvements, including better calibrations, an updated model for the Galactic diffuse gamma-ray emission, and the inclusion of a search for extended gamma-ray sources. The 2AGL Catalog includes 175 high-confidence sources, with a sub-class of 29 “AGILE only” gamma-ray sources that are not present in 1FGL, 2FGL or 3FGL Fermi catalogs.

An on-line version of the new 2AGL Catalog, plus some supplementary information, including AGILE skymaps, is now available as an interactive web table at SSDC.

After the paper publication on A&A, a new version of the 2AGL webpage (V2.0) at SSDC will also give access to other AGILE data products, such as spectra and light curves.

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