AGILE prompt follow-up of the LIGO/Virgo GW trigger event S190412m

In response to the public LIGO/Virgo gravitational wave (GW) alert of the on-going osservative run O3, with trigger event name S190412m at T0 = 2019-04-12 05:30:44.17 (UT), the AGILE Team performed a quick look follow-up analysis of the AGILE data.
The AGILE exposure at T0 shows that the S190412m Ligo-Virgo localization region was occulted by the Earth, however, exposure of the field was obtained both before and after T0.

Preliminary results and AGILE GRID upper limits have been published in two GCN CIRCULARS (F. Lucarelli et al.):
GCN #24100: LIGO-Virgo S190412m: AGILE preliminary analysis
GCN #24110: LIGO-Virgo S190412m: AGILE GRID observations

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