GRB 190829A: AGILE ratemeters detection and AGILE-MCAL and AGILE-GRID analysis

AGILE observed the long GRB 190829A at T0 = 2019-08-29 19:55:53 (UT) first reported by Fermi GBM (GCN #25551) and by Swift (GCN #25552). The scientific ratemeters of the Anti-Coincidence (50-200 keV) and Super-AGILE (SA; 18-60 keV) detected the burst. The GRB 190829A was also seen at VHE gamma-ray energy by H.E.S.S.(GCN 25566).

AGILE ratemeters detection and AGILE-MCAL upper limits are reported in GCN #25577 (C. Pittori et al.).
AGILE-GRID upper limits and a possible sub-threshold gamma-ray source detection are reported in GCN #25578 (G. Piano et al.).

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