GRB 200128B: AGILE/MCAL detection of a burst

New GCN issued: GCN #26917 (A. Ursi et al.).
This GRB was also previously reported as an automatic GCN/AGILE-MCAL ALERT NOTICE, trigger ID 507299009.
The GCN/AGILE-MCAL TRIGGER ALERT NOTICES, active since May 11, 2019, alert the community on transient events that trigger the AGILE MCAL on-board trigger logic, and are successively selected and identified as GRBs by an offline burst search algorithm (with significance values greater than 5 sigma).

To encorporate the AGILE_MCAL_ALERT type, just send an email (especially with your SITE_NAME) to saying you want this AGILE-MCAL ALERT notice type added to your configuration.

For more information on automatic AGILE MCAL ALERT notices see:

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