AGILE satellite: 40.000th orbit around the Earth successfully completed

On January 19, 2015 at 05:49:25 UTC the AGILE satellite successfully completed its 40.000th pass over the ASI Malindi Ground Station.

Launched April 23, 2007 in low Earth orbit, AGILE is working nominally after almost 8 years. The Italian satellite continues its exploration of the high-energy Universe, also giving a crucial contribution to the study of extreme Terrestrial atmospheric events (TGFs).

All AGILE data are regularly received and processed at the AGILE Data Center at ASDC, where the public archive now contains all observations from December 1, 2007 up to November 30, 2013. The data are available from the ASDC Multimission Archive webpage for the AGILE Mission.

Also read: “Le 40mila orbite di Agile”, ASI news (in italian).

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