All AGILE Cycle-6 Public Data Now Available

The proprietary period for all AGILE Cycle-6 Observation Blocks, up to 2013-11-30 (from OB 15600 to OB 17900) has currently expired. The data are now public and available from the ASDC Multimission Archive (MMIA) webpage for the AGILE Mission.

AGILE Cycle-6 data were obtained with AGILE observing a large portion of the sky in spinning mode, and they have been processed with the latest available software and calibrations.

The new public archive now contains all AGILE data from December 1, 2007 up to November 30, 2013 (from Cycle-1 to Cycle-6).

The query to the archive give access to all AGILE public data through an interactive webpage including the ASDC “Interactive Analysis” tool. The tool allows web users to preview the AGILE data fields, and to perform a preliminary analysis around a chosen sky position.

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